Truly uncompromised in performance and impressively user-friendly – the R&S®RTE oscilloscopes from Rohde & Schwarz

  • 200 MHz to 2 GHz bandwidth

  • Models with two or four channels

  • 16-bit resolution

  • 1 Mio waveforms/s

  • 5 Gsample/s per channel

  • Unique digital trigger system

  • MSO: optional and upgradeable

Good to know: the highlights

From embedded design development to power electronics analysis to general debugging, R&S®RTE oscilloscopes offer quick solutions for everyday T&M tasks.

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More confidence in measurement results

  • Quick detection of rare signal faults thanks to one million waveforms/s

  • Full measurement bandwidth, even at 500 µV/div

More fun to use

  • High-resolution touchscreen

  • Signal details at your fingertip


More functions and faster results

  • FFT-based spectrum analysis: powerful, fast and user-friendly

  • QuickMeas: key measurement results at the push of a button

Extensible: more application power

  • Logic analysis upgrade always available

  • HD mode with up to 16-bit vertical resolution