R&S®RTE Digital Oscilloscope

Scope of the Art


Easy. Powerful.
More reliable measurements, more tools and fast results, more fun to use – that’s the R&S®RTE oscilloscope. From embedded design development to power electronics analysis to general debugging, the R&S®RTE offers quick solutions for everyday T & M tasks.  

  • More confidence in measurement results
  • More functions and faster results
  • More fun to use
  • Logic analysis with the MSO option
  • Serial protocols: easy triggering and decoding
  • Power analysis
  • EMI debugging with oscilloscopes
  • High-performance probes with extensive accessories
  • Secure investment thanks to easy extensibility



Base Unit Bandwidth Channels
R&S®RTE1104 1 GHz 4
R&S®RTE1102 1 GHz 2
R&S®RTE1054 500 MHz 4
R&S®RTE1052 500 MHz 2
R&S®RTE1034 350 MHz 4
R&S®RTE1032 350 MHz 2
R&S®RTE1024 200 MHz 4
R&S®RTE1022 200 MHz 2