R&S®RTO Digital Oscilloscopes

Scope of the Art


Welcome to the future
The R&S®RTO oscilloscopes combine excellent signal fidelity, high acquisition rate and the world’s first realtime digital trigger system with a compact device format in the 600 MHz to 4 GHz class. They offer hardware-accelerated measurement and analysis functions, as well as an advanced user interface that makes these instruments really fun to work with  

  • Find signal faults fast
  • Hardware-accelerated analysis
  • Highly accurate digital trigger system
  • New ease of operation
  • Convincing accuracy
  • Logic analysis with MSO option
With 1 000 000 waveforms per second you’ll be troubleshooting
without guesswork.

Due to their very short blind time, the R&S®RTO oscilloscopes
look at the measured signal over 20 times more often.
Signal processing in hardware saves time and
displays results instantly on the screen.

High-speed mask test with R&S®RTO oscilloscopes:
Within ten seconds more than six million waveforms
are acquired, evaluated and displayed.
The world’s first digital trigger maximizes precision by minimizing trigger jitter.

The digital trigger uses the same digitized sample points as the acquisition system.
Unlike the analog trigger, the common time base ensures highest measurement
Unpack, switch on, measure:
No scope has ever been this good.

Depending on user preferences, the R&S®RTO oscilloscopes can be
operated via buttons, the mouse or the touch screen. When activating
multiple diagrams, the SmartGrid function from Rohde & Schwarz
helps the user optimally divide up the screen.
Convincing accuracy

Typical inherent noise of the R&S®RTO1024 oscilloscope:
standard deviation (S-dev) with histogram measurement.
Measurement conditions: 50 mV/div, resolution 100 ps,
no filter.
Logic analysis with MSO option

The R&S®RTO-B1 MSO option turns the R&S®RTO oscilloscopes
into fast, precise and easy-to-use mixed signal oscilloscopes (MSO).



Base Unit Bandwidth Channels
R&S®RTO1044 4 GHz 4
R&S®RTO1024 2 GHz 4
R&S®RTO1022 2 GHz 2
R&S®RTO1014 1 GHz 4
R&S®RTO1012 1 GHz 2
R&S®RTO1004 600 MHz 4
R&S®RTO1002 600 MHz 2